releases freeware Texas Hold’em application

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The online gambling informational tool site has announced that it has released a new freeware Texas Hold’em application, which will help players evaluate their next moves. The site has said that the software will be distributed for free and will give players an edge over their adversaries while they are taking part in online poker matches. The software will allow players to search all the previous records of the person they are playing against and suggest the next move the opponent will make.

Greg Vagner, Director for said, “Most players that are taking part in online poker and Texas Hold’em poker tournaments feel that they can now no longer depend on their own memory and poker notes for knowing what strategies their opponent will employ.” He added, “They are not sure whether their opponent is a shark or a fish. Also they are not sure what his common game plays are.”

The site contains data of over three million online Texas Hold’em poker players that are currently playing. The data includes the moves a player has made for the last few years. This data has been collected by the site from Internet tournaments held at rooms such as,, and

Vagner went on to add, “The new software will immediately turn a player who uses it into an extremely cost effective, profitable and winning Texas Hold’em poker player. The software will allow the player to study his opponents strong and weak points.” He added, “Additionally a player will also be equipped with a good pool of information about his opponents past and current online Texas Hold’em poker game plays. The software will help the player learn the methods, tendencies and schemes of his opponent to be able to effortlessly guess their own possible tactics and strategy.”

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