Poker Stars Reaches Landmark Goal

Written By Janice Doughtrey

PokerStars has always been argued to be one of the biggest online poker rooms out there, and now the company has finally proved itself. Recently, the massive online poker website played it’s 50 billionth hand, more than any other poker operator on the net has ever dealt.

At the time that the 50 billionth hand was dealt, Poker Stars froze the action across all of its servers, allowing players to watch the momentous event take place. Over 200 000 at nearly 35 000 different tables watched as Poker Stars solidified its place as the biggest poker website in the world.

All players sitting at the table where the 50 billionth hand was played were awarded $3000 as well as entry into the World Championship of Online Poker. The winner of the hand won just a $26 pot, was awarded an additional $25 000 by Poker Stars.

The 50 billion hand promotion ran for a month, during which Poker Stars awarded its players with over $900 000 in prizes to celebrate this amazing event .

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