PlayUp Earns Coveted New Jersey License: Rebuck and DGE Give the Green Light

Written By Janice Doughtrey

In the realm of New Jersey’s online betting industry, the latest entrant, PlayUp, has been granted its sought-after operational license. The illustrious authorization has been conferred by the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), an endorsement that further solidifies PlayUp’s position within the American betting landscape.

The digital sportsbook and gaming platform, which is headquartered in Australia, has already made a name for itself in multiple jurisdictions across the globe. However, securing the New Jersey license is a milestone of significant import, not just for the company but also for the bettors in the Garden State.

The development is backed by David Rebuck, the esteemed Director of the DGE. Known for his meticulous approach to maintaining integrity within the gaming industry, Rebuck’s support undoubtedly adds a valuable feather to PlayUp’s cap. He expressed confidence in the company’s ability to offer a unique betting experience to New Jersey’s residents, further enhancing the dynamic and diverse gambling ecosystem within the state.

PlayUp, with its vast portfolio of betting offerings, is expected to bring a fresh wind of innovation to the already vibrant iGaming industry in New Jersey. The platform offers an array of betting options across multiple sports, promising a comprehensive and exciting experience for bettors.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to responsible gaming dovetails with the DGE’s strict regulatory standards. With measures designed to protect players and ensure fair play, PlayUp’s operational ethos aligns with the values that have underpinned New Jersey’s success in the realm of online gambling.


The authorization of PlayUp by the DGE signifies a noteworthy expansion of the New Jersey betting landscape. This state has long been a pioneer in embracing the iGaming industry, and the inclusion of a fresh face like PlayUp further diversifies the range of betting options available to New Jersey residents.

What is particularly striking about PlayUp’s endorsement is the backing by the DGE’s Director, David Rebuck. His support suggests a high level of confidence in PlayUp’s potential to contribute positively to New Jersey’s iGaming ecosystem. It also signals that the state’s regulators are welcoming to new players, fostering a dynamic and innovative betting environment.

Inclusion of PlayUp within the New Jersey iGaming sphere also speaks volumes about the company’s appeal and robust operational model. Already a recognized entity in international betting markets, the company’s foray into the New Jersey market is a testament to its growth and potential.

That said, PlayUp’s entry into New Jersey is not merely a win for the company; it also represents a potential boon for local bettors. The company’s varied offerings and commitment to a quality betting experience provide bettors with a wider selection and the promise of a more engaging gaming experience.

Furthermore, PlayUp’s entry exemplifies the inherent strength of the DGE’s regulatory framework. Their strict standards and unflinching commitment to responsible gaming have created an environment where companies like PlayUp can thrive while ensuring player protection.

Ultimately, the endorsement of PlayUp by the DGE symbolizes a significant step forward in the continued evolution of New Jersey’s betting landscape. It embodies the vibrant and dynamic nature of the state’s iGaming industry, reinforcing New Jersey’s status as a hub for online gambling in the United States.

Photo by Óscar Salgado on Unsplash