Playtech Partners With Local Operator To Provide Self-Service Terminals For Mexican Gamblers

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Playtech is a leading gaming software provider and has announced recently that it is planning expansion into the country of Mexico. The company explains that a deal to place a number of self-service betting terminals from Playtech at various locations in the country already exists between themselves and a local operator.

The market for gambling in Mexico is an interesting and complicated one as despite the passion Mexican residents have for gambling there are many stringent restrictions in place.

The constantly improving economy of the country has resulted in citizens possessing more disposal income than they have historically and the Mexican gambling market is now second in the Latin world behind only Argentina.

The laws that governed gambling in the country since 1947 were loosened in 2004 and gambling activities became legal in the country. The development has already led to an influx of money from investors into the country.

Casinos were built for the first time in the country and the resulting tax revenue collected by the state have been a boon to the economy. The majority of casinos in the country are owned by private companies and rival many of the best casino offerings available in places like Las Vegas.

Online casino gambling is not yet legal in Mexico but is expected to be in the near future as the attitudes among government officials pertaining to most kinds of wagering is becoming more liberal.

The already lucrative gambling market that exists in Mexico will explode in size once online gambling is legalized and it appears that Playtech is seeking to position themselves to immediately capitalize when this happens.

The deal struck between Playtech and local operator, Corporation Caliente, will result in Playtech’s terminals soon being made available to Mexican gamblers. Corporation Caliente’s director of business development, Victor De La Fuente, says that the deal with Playtech is an exciting one for his company because it allows them to further the experience of patrons of their casinos.

These self-service betting terminals are expected to play a huge future role in both retail and online settings. It is also expected that more casinos will be introducing these machines to their customers in the very near future.

Playtech’s Chief Executive Officer, Armin Sageder, says that his company appreciates the enormity of the opportunity being afforded to them by entering the Mexican market at a relatively early stage in its development. Sageder went on to explain that Mexico is a rapidly growing market that is carefully regulated and is viewed as a strategic territory for operations by Playtech.

About Playtech

Playtech was launched in 1999 and has fast become counted among the top providers of online gaming software on the planet. The company stock is publicly traded on the London Stock exchange and their self-service betting terminals can be found in casinos worldwide including the countries of Greece, Spain, Germany, Malta, Romania, and others.

The company presently maintains more than 40,000 live betting terminals across the globe and is expected to continue its expansion in Europe and Latin America.