Playing for fun VS playing to win

Written By Janice Doughtrey

No one goes to a land based casino or an online casino to lose money. That just simply wouldn’t make any sense. You surely go to the online casino or land based casino to win. But there is also another reason to go to the casino and that is simply to have a good time. After all they are called games and you are supposed to have fun when you play them!

There are several people that play these games as a career. These people are called professional or career gamblers and they do nothing but play at casinos. While some of these people do say that they have fun while they play, most do not have say they have much fun but rather say that they are nervous and they want to be up ahead all the time. Everyone wants to be a ahead but what people have to understand is that the online casinos would not exist if they weren’t profitable businesses.

So this brings us to a very important point. Gamble within your limit. If you set a limit to gamble with then you will not be too upset if you lose that amount. There is a chance when it comes to gambling and if you lose you should still feel that you had a good time and the money spent was for entertainment value and you will be happy to play again sometime in the future. Gambling should never become an addiction and you should feel comfortable when you are playing and not feel like you cant feel the floor beneath your feet.

It is important to be in control at all times and to seek help if you need it. Just remember that you are there to win but also to have a good time and if you keep reminding yourself of that fact then you shouldn’t have a problem and be really happy when you do catch a few wins and maybe even score a big jackpot!

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