Player’s Clubs: Land-based vs. Online Casinos

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Player’s clubs make gambling at casinos a lot more rewarding. And the rewards may be reaped at all casinos be they land-based casinos or online ones. While both brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos provide access to player’s clubs, differences exist. Understanding the differences makes it easier for players to take advantage of player’s club opportunities.

What is a Player’s Club?

Repeat patronage benefits a business. Loyal customers become the backbone of a commercial enterprise. Casinos are not exempt from this important aspect of running a business. Casinos, like any other type of business, wish to keep loyal customers happy. This way, loyal customers stay loyal. Casinos developed the concept of a player’s club to improve loyalty.

Player’s club memberships provide perks, comps, and other benefits for qualified players. All the perks create an incentive to play at the casino. Perhaps the specific perks may even help him/her improve on the chance of winning. To be comped free chips for free allows for risk-free wagers. Both land-based and online casinos embrace the business strategy of offering player’s club memberships. The design and approach, however, differ between the two.

Land-Based Casino Player’s Club Deals

With a land-based casino, players must sign up for any special deals or promotional memberships. Even if a player qualifies, he/she won’t receive any benefits without signing up. A common mistake players in the casinos make is they assume their playing habits are tracked by the casino’s staff. Honestly, it would be near impossible for the staff to track how much money everyone wagers and how often.

Anyone who enjoys playing at a land-based casino must put the effort into signing up with a player’s club. Don’t make any assumptions regarding what the casino will do. Go straight to the nearest customer service desk and inquire about signing up. As soon as you join player’s club, follow its rules to take advantage of all benefits.

And read up on the available benefits. Sadly, members don’t review all the benefits available to them. Avoid making that mistake. Take advantage of all the casino makes available to members.

Players must use their player’s club card when gaming. This can be done by inserting the card into a gaming machine’s slot or presenting it to the dealer at a table game. The card logs data about wagers. After compiling the data, the casino offers appropriate rewards.

Online Casino Player’s Club Deals

With an online casino, players wager through a gaming platform. This means all their actions are, in essence, monitored by the casino. So are any deposits and withdrawals. Every time money is transferred into the casino, the system logs the deposit. When a player wins, the amount of money he or she amasses ends up in the player’s account.

Online casinos provide deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses as rewards. Since the player isn’t physically at a casino, he/she can’t exactly receive a free dinner or hotel room stay. Land-based casinos, however, can be ambiguous about their reasoning behind awarding certain types of comps and turning down others. Online casinos present a straightforward and simple approach.