Player Wins $141,000 At Online Casino Bodog Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There’s a very happy lady sitting and basking in the California sun these days as she is the recent winner of a huge poker jackpot in the tune of $141, 000 US dollars.

A California women decided that while she was an avid Texas Hold’em player she would take a stab at a game and try her luck at Caribbean Stud. Well call it beginners luck or whatever you want but she also managed to play the one dollar bonus which would trigger the progressive bonus jackpot and win her a whopping $141, 000 for hitting the Royal Flush as one of her first hands placed.

She is very happy that she was online at the time that she was and believes that this win was meant to be. She said that she will pay all her bills as well as help a few others with the winnings. No big plans of spending the remainder of the money but she says that Caribbean Stud is definitely her new favourite game and she will plan to play in the future.

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