Player Verification Made Easy!

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The first of it’s kind, is an innovative security checkpoint between online casinos and its players. It reminds me a lot of PayPal actually, as it also works like the middleman between buyers and sellers to keep things safe and prevent theft. The only difference is, the main focus of PlayerVerify is identity verification, whereas PayPal’s focus is payment of goods and services.

Players will be able to upload their information through PlayerVerify’s secure site for FREE and create a profile, as well as utilize other tools available. From there, all their personal info and other information will be stored and only viewable to internet casinos by an access code that the player can provide for their profile. Tools such as a view log which lists who’s viewed them, as well as the capability to lock access to their file anytime they please make account holders feel in control of their personal information.

This process ends the need for constant exchange of personal information between the player and online casinos as the information will be accessible from the PlayerVerify gateway. Players can have peace of mind knowing that their information is secure, and access to it is tightly controlled by them and PlayerVerify. This control contributes to the prevention of fraud and identity theft. Online casinos can feel secure in the information retained from PlayerVerify, as well as enjoy the organized management and system set up for all records.

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