Place Your Wager on the Winter Olympics

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There is a common theme for the type of sports people are watching all around the globe. The winter Olympics of 2010 which are taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada have started earlier this week and will be running for several weeks. There are many winter sports in which athletes train for years in order to bring back medals of bronze, silver and of course gold back to show their successes as well as claim a position for their countries.

There are some sports that are more popular than others but one thing is for sure there are many people making bets on who will take home the gold. There are sports books across the world taking wagers on various sports as well as various athletes and also countries as a whole and there are many online casino and online sports books that are happy to accept a bet or two as well.

The opening ceremonies revealed that there are very many viewers of this great event and sports that have begun already like hockey and skating are really popular amongst the fans that are gamblers!

It will be interesting to see the countries that are in the top positions as there are several that are expected to perform similar to years past such as Russia and the US. There are athletes from all over the world and to many there is nothing more rewarding than participating in these games. So enjoy the entertainment and if you are making a bet make sure to check out the great sports books on the net.

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