Piggs Peak to Fight South African Online Gambling Ban

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Recently, the South African government decided to outlaw online gambling, causing many online casinos to restrict access to residents in the country. The ban also included the restriction of online gambling advertisements. All who defy the ban are required to pay upwards of $500 000.

Now, Piggs Peak, South Africa’s most popular casino has been granted to leave to appeal the ruling. The casino’s operations are not based in South Africa, but Piggs Peak was still included in the strict ban on online gambling – until today.

“Leave to appeal” means that the casino will still be able to function as normal until. The issue of online gambling’s legality will only be decided once the law has run its course. Until then, Piggs Peak can continue offering online gambling activities to South Africa residents.

However, according to Lucky Lukhwareni of the Guateng Gambling Board has stated that Piggs Peak’s games have yet to be tested and licensed by South African gaming regulators. It is likely that the online casino will have to undergo audits and testing once its leave to appeal is up.

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