Pennsylvania Gaming Industry Growth

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The state of Pennsylvania has shown an interest in casino table games according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. These were findings collected in the month of August for 12 different casinos in the state of Pennsylvania. Outlined on this report, $74.2 million dollars were collected in the month of August by casino operators all from table games.

The gaming industry revenue has shown growth by increasing by 10.9% during that month. In the entire stag of Pennsylvania, licensed operators run approximately 26,000 slot machines and about 1,200 table games for casino patrons.

The increase in table gaming impacted the entire gaming industry and increased the revenue of about 2.5% growth in August. The state of Pennsylvania gaming industry’s total revenue in August was $267.4 million dollars.

Table gaming showed growth in August, while slot machine showed a decline in revenue. Their revenue decreases about half a percent year after year. The revenue for slot machines for August was a total of $193.1 million dollars. The city of Harrisburg obtains more than half of the revenue from slot machines. This drop has a big impact on this city. The state of Pennsylvania receives only about 16 percent of the revenue from slot machines, but it still causes an impact for the state.

The state of Pennsylvania has plans to venture into o line casino gaming. They would operate these satellite casinos with current operator licenses. Daily fantasy sports and online gaming would be offered on these platforms. The state of Pennsylvania also wants to grant gaming licenses to places they have not before such as hotels, truck stops, bars, restaurants, and fraternal club operations. Online gaming would also be available to travelers in the airport buildings.

These are big changes for the state of Pennsylvania, as they are looking to increase their revenue for all casino gaming. Table games right now are the most popular. Table games include blackjack, craps, and roulette, as well as poker. The use of technology can help bring in much more revenue to the state of Pennsylvania if their plans go through they will make casino gaming.more accessible. The residents of Pennsylvania have no complaints as this is something they enjoy doing and tourists alike flock to the state to enjoy this fun and entertaining activity. The state could definitely benefit from the upgrades and changes in store for the future of casinos in Pennsylvania.