PayPal at 32Red Online Casino

Written By Janice Doughtrey

When PayPal removed itself from the online gambling industry last year, online casinos operators were left racking their brains over a suitable substitute for the online payment processor. While many options present themselves, none of them could fill PayPal shoes, as it had become the online gambling market’s most trusted online banking solution.

Now, PayPal announced that it will return to the online casino market. It had already licensed its serivces to Ladbrokes’, a popular online gambling brand, and now it is spreading to more online casinos by offering its services to 32Red.

PayPal initially exited the market as online gambling was still a very volitile topic as of last year. Many countries in Europe were still unsure of their own laws at that time, making the minds behind PayPal nervous about coming under fire from legal bodies like the European Union.

Now that online gambling market across the world seems to be calming down, PayPal feels more at ease about lending its services to online casinos. However, it has been a slow process, as the company will ensure that only the best and most reputable online gambling websites can earn the title of a PayPal Provider.

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