The New Board President & CEO of BCLC Pat Davis

Written By Michael Whitlatch

Approved by the Board of Directors, Pat Davis will oversee the future operation for BCLC on August 4th. Pat Davis has a history of success and has helped several other organizations through early stages.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is an agency that regulates all legal gambling and lotteries in the province of British Columbia. It is headquartered in Kamloops and its revenue goes back into the provincial economy for things like infrastructure, education, and healthcare. Additionally, revenue from PlayNow online platform goes back into the provincial economy, as well.

Pat Davis appointed as President and CEO

Greg Moore, British Columbia Lottery Corporation Board Chair said, “Mr. Davis brings is the breath of fresh air needed to improve the player’s experience. He has all the experience needed to succeed in this position, and he’ll be able to introduce his ideas”.

It should be noted that the upcoming President and Chief Executive Officer of Playnow has twenty years of experience in the gambling field in Canada. His latest position was as Canada’s British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Business Technology. In this capacity, his focus is to modernize the digital presence of the Crown corporation within British Columbia. Mr. Davis has invested much time and effort into this goal over the past few years.

Over the past few years, gaming has increased in popularity due to the convenience it provides. Recently, Mr. Moore said that the next President and CEO would need to have strong points such as being active and close to the Crown corporation’s headquarters.

Pat Davis is the President and CEO of BCLC

The newest CEO of the Crown corporation also has experience in IT and business administration. He is a certified Project Management Professional and Chartered Director, who sits on the Chief Information Officer Council of British Columbia.

Mr. Davis has been employed by the CROWN corporation for several years. Since he was born and raised in Kamloops, making this decision easier than ever. He is on the Thompson Rivers University Advisory Committee linked to the software engineering program and will be living near Kamloops’ new office.

The following individuals have held this position: Lynda Cavanaugh (current Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, appointed January 2021), Greg Moore (Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, September 2019-January 2021), Jim Lightbody (President and Chief Executive Officer, December 2019-January 2021).

The lottery corporation also announced the appointment of Dan Beebe as the new Chief Operating Officer based in Vancouver, moving from his current post as COO of Surrey City Council, while Sandra Austin will be the new Chief People Officer based in Kamloops. Moore revealed that both have been interim heads of the company for the past number of months and that the process was competitive.