Pasig City cancels online gambling – 2023 deadline

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Pasig City orders closure of online betting establishments

Pasig City orders closure of online betting establishments Pasig City Mayor Joseph Estrada has ordered the closure of all online gambling establishments in the city effective immediately. “I have instructed the city’s health officials to closely monitor and closely inspect any of these establishments in order to ensure that they are in compliance with our local fire code,” said Estrada. “We want to make it abundantly clear that the citizens of Pasig will no longer be subjected to any form of illegal gambling.” The move comes as part of a broader crackdown on illegal gambling activities in the city which also includes raids on mahjong parlors, casinos, and cockfighting pits.

Estrada cited concerns over public safety as his primary motivation for ordering the closures. “These operations are not only illegal but also hazardous to both the operators and customers,” he said. “The safety and well-being of our residents is my top priority.” While online gambling is still legal in much of the country, authorities have become increasingly concerned about its potential for abuse. Last year, regulators arrested 29 people suspected of involvement in a $100 million online gaming Ponzi scheme.

Online gambling establishments ordered to close in Pasig city

The Pasig City government on Wednesday ordered the closure of all online gambling establishments in the city pursuant to Republic Act No. 9332 or The Gambling Regulation Enforcement and Control Act of 2009. In a resolution passed during its regular session, the Pasig City Council declared gambling as an unlawful activity and illegal under local law. The order will be enforced through a pro-active campaign against operators engaged in this illegitimate trade.

This is part of the continuing efforts of the local government to stamp out all forms of illegal gambling in Pasig. In March, the city Council also passed an ordinance prohibiting horse-racing, cockfighting, and other such activities within the city’s limits. With these two ordinances now fully implemented, Pasig is one step closer to achieving a clean and safe environment for its people.

The state of online gambling in the Philippines

Philippine online gambling operators are reeling after the government announced its intention to close down all establishments that offer such services. This follows investigations into allegations of widespread corruption and illegal activity in the industry, including money laundering and fraud. The move is likely to hit operators hard as customers flocked to online casinos in recent years, seeking an alternative to traditional gambling venues.

Regulators have also warned players of the potential for financial ruin if they indulge in online gambling. Some experts say that this could lead to a decline in demand for online gaming services, which would impact both operators and investors. While there is no definite timeline for the closure of online casinos, it is likely that the process will take some time to implement.


The Pasig City Regional Trial Court has ordered the closure of all online gambling establishments in the Philippines, effective immediately. This decision comes after a Department of Justice (DOJ) report showed that online gambling is detrimental to the Philippine economy and poses serious social and public safety risks. The court’s order caps off weeks of hearings on the issue, during which various groups, such as casino operators and lawmakers, argued their cases before justices. While this measure may seem drastic initially, it is hoped that by shutting down these operations, authorities can prevent widespread corruption and other associated crimes.