offers Yet another Exciting Tournament!

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online casino poker room is surely one of the biggest names in online poker. It is a reliable online gambling company and has established such a name for themselves that everyone knows that they can count on expecting only the best! The online casino offers great tournaments and is ready to bring you yet another game that you won’t be able to pass up! is planning on hosting a new Online Cash Game Championship which will offer players up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that are just waiting to be won!! The games will begin next month and will be a multi-level competition and players will have to be really be avid players and play in a minimum of 400 hands to be eligible for participation in this event ! The top players holding the most amount of cash will then be the ones that are elected to play in the final table of the competition that is to be help April 2nd of this year!

While the games are based on the cash games principal there will certainly be great cash prizes being awarded to those that take the high places as well! There will be several levels of this tournament but only certain players are likely to come out on top. Its not that you have to be a high stakes player but you do have to be a skilled player that wins often. It will be an interesting event to participate in and watch as well! The tables at party poker are sure to be more packed than ever!

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