Party Casino Offering Great Holiday Promotion

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There are those online casinos that have players make a deposit before they can get something in return but Party Casino is trying something new and maybe something a little more appealing for this particular holiday season! They are currently running a promotion that is called Festive Frenzy which will continue for the next few weeks of holiday spirit!

The promotion is great because don’t have to do anything to qualify other than be players of the online casino or the online poker room. This online casino is currently accepting players from all over the world including Canadian players as well as players out of the UK and Europe. Once you have created a membership you will automatically qualify to be part of the promotion.

The way this promotion works is that you play as much as you like and the gifts will appear in your account at random so players aren’t pressured to play more or less than they normally play. They simply play to their hearts delight and then they are pleasantly surprised when these great promotions appear in their accounts! This is a great promotion for the holidays because everyone loves to get something extra especially if it is completely free of charge and then the players just keep coming back for more and more! A good hint to remember is that players that do play a bit more than others are usually rewarded with a great prize!

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