Party Casino Launches Reload Rollover Promotion

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Party Casino is a leader in online gambling promotions, always offering new ways for players to earn extra cash and bonus prizes. This fall, the popular online casino provider will be launching the Reload Rollover, during which Party Casino players can win up to $2500 and an iPod Touch!

This is a multi-level bonus program, allowing players to win four different types of prizes. Players who make it to the top level will be eligible to win the top prizes that are up for grabs. In order to qualify for the first level, simply sign up for party casino and use the required bonus codes.

Players who qualify will be given a 20% match bonus up to $500, which can be upgraded to a 30% bonus of $750 once the player meets all of the requirements and release conditions. The next level offers players at 50% bonus up to $1250!

After the player has climbed all three levels, they can go on to obtain the grand prize. Upon completing the $1250 bonus, players can claim their 8GB iPod Touch. This is an amazing opportunity to win an impressive tangible prize while competing for cash at an online casino. It doesn’t get anymore generous than that – so sign up today!

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