Party Casino Launches New Slot Game

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Party Casino is big in the online casino industry due to their big jackpots, exciting games and great customer service.  The slot is called Melon Madness and gives players the opportunity to become millionaires every time they play. 

There are levels to the game with the top one being called the Colossal Cash rank which holds a jackpot of about $1.5 million.  Melon Madness is a 30-line video slot game which enables players to advance to the next level quickly.  Operators said the game is designed for jackpot winners in that it is as fast-paced and no-nonsense as slot machines get.

The game was launched over the holidays and players are having a good reaction to it.  They have made it one of the top slots offered by Party Casino, likely because of the size of the jackpots.  In fact, the largest jackpot they have had was hit sometime in December.  That lucky player took home almost $5 million in cold hard cash and Party Casino cannot be more thrilled.

As part of a new promotion that recognizes the new slot game, Party Casino operators are giving away more than $300,000 in cash and prizes to players who earn the most points playing Melon Madness or one of its other titles.

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