Paddy Power Paying Out Bettors for US Election

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Paddy Power has already started to pay out to gamers betting on the presidential debate

This has been quite a Presidential election, and Paddy Power has been allowing for United Kingdom users to bet on what the outcome is going to be. The stakes have constantly shifted as the conditions on the debate have constantly gone back and forth, but now it appears as if the operator is fully confident that Hillary Clinton is going to win. Paddy Powers has paid out a total of $1 million to betters that waged their money on Hillary Clinton following the second debate.

Paddy Powers is claiming with 85.7% certainty that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States. This spiked up after allegations were raised about Trump’s disrespectful attitude towards women and rape allegations. This also follows a tape that was released in which Trump makes some inappropriate comments about women that seemed to lose him a lot of backing, including much of the Republican party who have backed out of the race.

Paddy Power’s spokesperson cited that Donald Trump had given it one heck of a run, but the company believes that the recent allegations made against him will be too great for him to overcome and is going to cost him the election. His momentum has been halted and he doesn’t have much of a leg left in this race.

However, as certain as Paddy Power is this might not be the end of Trump, or at least it is likely that it’s not as set in stone as they seem to think. Following the third and final debate Trump was leading almost every single flash poll on the web, some by as much as 30%. A couple polls disagree with this claim, but for the most part a majority of them showed Donald Trump to have been the better candidate in the debate. With Paddy Power being so certain that Hillary is going to win, this could be a great opportunity to make a lot of cash by betting on Trump. He still has a big chance at winning this presidential election, even if his momentum has been slowed down a little bit.

Paddy Power betting hope that Hillary Clinton wins the election. Paying out to their customers when there is still a few weeks left in the election is a bold move that could prove an embarrassing blunder if Trump does happen to take the election. If Donald Trump does win the election, Paddy Power will be out a lot of money for allowing Clinton betters to pull out their winnings early.

The presidential election is set to wrap up in early November, with election day on November 8th. Both candidates have a lot going for them and there is still time to place a wager on which one you believe is going to take the election. If Hillary Clinton wins she will be the first female president in the history of the United States, but if Donald Trump wins he promises big change to the current way that the system is ran.