Paddy Power Betfair Has Plans For Future Expansions

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Breon Corcoran is someone who definitely believes in the notion success is built upon. As boss of the incredible gambling enterprise Paddy Power Betfair, Corcoran has successfully carried a number of deals to desired results. His current wagering colossus is worth £7 billion. Still, the mogul is not slowing down by a longshot. Corcoran has a host of other deals in mind for 2017 and beyond.

The goal at the center of all plans is a global expansion. The “international footprint” of the company is already impressive. In addition to the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States are two markets Paddy Power Betfair maintains a revenue-generating footprint. Corcoran wants to grow the company exponentially, a brilliant goal to be sure.

Two things are required in order for the international expansion goal to succeed. First, the company has to continue doing what led to customers embracing the company so thoroughly in the past. There shouldn’t be a problem here. No one would think the company would switch from its current successful approach and embrace a dysfunctional one. The other issue to address would be local laws regarding the expansion of online and other forms of gambling.

Whether or not Paddy Power Betfair chooses to explore other business enterprises will be revealed in the coming years. If the company does choose to become involved in, say, entertainment ventures, there is no reason why the company cannot do well. During the early stages of any expansion, however, focusing on what a company does well is probably advisable. The management of Paddy Power Betfair seems to realize this. This is why sports betting and traditional gaming are both at the center of all current expansion plans.

At present, Paddy Power Betfair is offering some simple promotional deals to players. Doing so should help entice a few new members to join while keeping long-time players happy. The company is also garnering a little publicity from its promotional ventures. Publicity definitely helps when plans are in place to expand.

Lobbying lawmakers is always an option for those strategizing to overcome hurdles. Lobbying does not automatically lead to the desired decision. Lobbying is an attempt at swaying things in a particular direction.

The company is a massive one, but two spheres dominate the business’ focus. Bookmaking and betting exchange endeavors are the two big revenue generators. An error many major companies make is the decision to expand into ventures outside of the primary areas customers have embraced and executives are capable of managing.