Owner of Michael Jackson Casino Sued

Written By Janice Doughtrey

It is quite rare for online casino news to sneak into general interest newscasts, but the recent news about the Michael Jackson-branded online casino has gained widespread interest in across North America. It has recently been reported that a new online casino is using images of the King of Pop himself to sell its services, and his estate is furious over the issue.

While the identity owner of the casino is currently a secret, Michael Jackson’s estate lawyers continue to seek damages. They have gone after GoDaddy.com, claiming that the website was at fault for granting the domain, MichaelJacksonCasino.com, to the mystery operator. They hope that this action will flush out the identity of the owner, so that they can take against him personally.

There is no word yet on whether the estate lawyers will go after the software provider as well, but it would be a good idea, as it would have more detailed information on the casino’s operator.

While the estate is seeking $100 million in damages, it is not about the money. They feel that the launch of an unauthorized online casino in Michael Jackson’s name is just disrespectful, and they hope that the owner will be put to justice soon.

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