Ontario’s Sportsbetting Changes and Betway’s New Moves

Written By Michael Whitlatch

Betway has started betting in Ontario and they are part of 20 operators now taking bets.

Betway said that in order to place bets, they now need you to use the website betway.ca. Betway had been warning its users ahead of time that they’d need new accounts and that this would change how they do business.

Betway.com recently closed its betting services in Ontario, Canada. From now on, players need to go to the website Betway.ca, which has a verification process for Canadians.

Betway was approved to operate on the iGaming Ontario website in April.

Betway is giving out giveaways for their new site that is launching in sunny Ontario.

Betway refreshes its operations in Canada

Morgan Stanley’s analysis revealed that in April of this year, Betway controlled 51% of the market share of app downloads within Canada. This was reduced to 4% after another regulated gaming market came into play, which brings more competition to Canada. In a recent study, Google and UBS noted that

Betway is in the process of complying with Ontario’s regulations.

Betway has a partnership with the National Hockey League and will be featured during NHL game broadcasts. This partnership gives Betway exclusive rights to create marketing campaigns for all major NHL brands, as well as work with NHL-owned media sources.

Keith Wachtel, NHL Chief Business Officer and Senior Executive Vice President said in the 2021 release that they are thrilled to launch their new partnership with Betway, who is excited at this “exciting time of season.

Canadians can now place single-game wagers on the Senate, which should allow them to have better odds and competitive prices.

Currently, Canada is moving towards legalizing and regulating online sports-betting. Ontario legalized their market on April 4, 2022, and is expected to be followed by other provinces.

What Bill No. 69 entails and whether or not you can get a sportsbetting license

Arguments to legalize single-game gambling in Canada go back years. The United States legalizing it eventually caused a change in momentum for Canada to follow suit. It took years before the large sporting leagues, who opposed the legalization of gambling at first, changed their minds.

There is a bill that allows provinces to administer and regulate single-bet sports. It has great support from major stakeholder groups, but it has not been passed in the Senate.

To vote on a controversial initiative, the Canadian parliament had to debate for hours and went through some tense moments before voting on it. The debate was very intense, but in the end it passed with 57 out of 70 votes. With five abstentions present, the bill won by a landslide of more than two-thirds.

The pros and cons of Canadian sports gambling

The law does not come into effect until August 27, 2021 and leaves provinces with more than a year to legalize sports betting. Federal government will not be regulating sports betting in Canada.

Seven provinces have legalized single game wagering and may soon be able to do so through their lottery retailers. Nova Scotia was the last province to add this option.

Why single-game wagering will save some Canadian provinces

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario oversees all sports betting in Ontario.

Canada had a limited betting market when the Ontario market went live in 2022. It was restricted to wagering on parlay bets only, but there were still many outside operators who wanted to enter the Canadian market.

None of the provinces or territories in Ontario have commercial drones that are legally allowed to operate commercially.