Ontario’s ban on gambling on UFC fights

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Ontario Bans Gambling On UFC Fights Amidst Integrity Concerns

Ontario has become the latest Canadian province to ban gambling on UFC fights. The move comes amidst concerns of potential corruption and match-fixing in the sport. While some see this as a victory for those concerned about the integrity of the sport, others worry that it will only drive the illegal gambling market underground. What do you think? Read on to learn more about this story and how it might affect you.

Ontario’s ban on gambling on UFC fights

Amidst concerns about gambling integrity, the Canadian province of Ontario has banned all gambling on UFC fights taking place in the province. The move surprises many, as the UFC has been working hard to get their sport legalized in the province.

According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG), the decision was made in order to protect the “integrity of sport” in the province. The OLG cited a recent report from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) which found a “growing concern” about match-fixing in MMA.

The BCLC report cited several examples of possible match-fixing in MMA, including a fight between Tim Kennedy and Yoel Romero at UFC 178 where Romero was a heavy betting favorite but lost. The OLG says that they will continue to monitor the situation and may reconsider their decision if they feel that the integrity of MMA can be ensured.

This is a blow to the UFC, who has been trying to get their sport legalized in Ontario for years. Gambling on UFC fights is legal in most other provinces, and it is believed that the ban will cost the promotion millions of dollars in revenue.

Integrity concerns around UFC fights

The Ontario government has banned gambling on UFC fights amid concerns about the integrity of the sport. This comes after an investigation by the Toronto Star found that several high-profile fighters had been involved in fixing fights. The investigation also found that the UFC had been aware of these activities but had failed to take action.

The ban on gambling on UFC fights will be a major blow to the organization, which is already facing legal challenges in other provinces. This could lead to other provinces following suit and further damage the reputation of the sport.

How this ban could affect the UFC

The UFC has been vocal in opposing the Ontario government’s proposed ban on gambling on MMA fights. The ban is set to come into effect on January 1, 2019. UFC President Dana White has said that the ban could have a “chilling effect” on the sport and force the UFC to relocate some of its events from Ontario.

The ban could also lead to a decline in viewership of UFC events in Ontario, as fans will no longer be able to place bets on fights. This could have a knock-on effect on sponsorship and advertising revenue for the UFC. In addition, the ban could dissuade some potential fighters from competing in the province, as they would no longer be able to earn winnings from gambling.

What are other provinces doing with regard to UFC gambling

Other provinces in Canada are not following Ontario’s lead in banning gambling on UFC fights. The Canadian Gaming Association has said that they do not believe gambling on UFC fights poses any integrity concerns. Provinces like Quebec and British Columbia offer UFC betting through provincial lottery corporations. The Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Commission also does not see any integrity concerns with UFC betting and offers it through licensed sports books.


The Ontario government has decided to ban gambling on UFC fights in the province amid concerns about the integrity of the sport. This move will likely have a negative impact on the popularity of UFC in Ontario, as well as on the revenue of the casinos that offer gambling on UFC fights.