Launches New Customizable Slot Making Tool

Written By Janice Doughtrey

It’s no secret that the online casino industry is a growing marking. Despite the slowing market in many nations, online casinos, blog sites and portals are still booming with new and old players alike. Now, online casino portal has launched a new tool with which anyone can create their own customized slot.

The new tool, MakeSlots, available at, allows a person to create their own completely customized slot machine using their choice of graphics. And the choices are endless! Mix up different colours schemes, and reel symbols or even upload your own graphics! You can also choose from a range of reel symbols provided, give your slot a name and decide on the amount of starting cash. And by choosing your reel symbols you can control how easy (or hard!) it will be to win!

This great new tool is also handy because the site will generate a code for you once you’ve completed your slot. You can then take that code and embed it on your very own website. Give your site visitors a little something extra to play with when they visit! Advertise your new product with a themed slot and more!’s webmaster Jan Balslev said this new innovation offers players hundred of permutations to play with literally no technical skills needed to use the tool. Balslev also noted the simple, animated guide available on the MakeSlots website for those who made need a little more guidance.

Balslev developed MakeSlots after reading the many online casino market comments made in U.S. who were angry at the withdrawal of so many commercial software companies. This new development is not only in response to the U.S. market but the international market as well.

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