Online Vegas to Host Smaller Tournaments

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online Vegas is growing in popularity thanks to their weekday gambling tournaments. These tournaments are smaller in terms of number of players, as well as jackpots. This is great for those wanting to become accustomed to online gambling without taking big risks.

Of course, the bigger tournaments take place on the weekends with jackpots around the $30,000 mark, but many players prefer smaller, more private events that increase their chances of winning. Although the jackpot may not be nearly as high (usually around $5000), the chances of winning are much greater since there are fewer players.

Another plus, especially for new and inexperienced players, is the price of joining a weekday tournament on Online Vegas is just $0.99. The price of joining a weekend tournament is significantly greater, but varies.

There are several different tournaments offered during the week. Slot, blackjack and poker tournaments give players a choice of their favourite, popular games. Again, these jackpots are smaller but the risks are much lower, which makes for a more comfortable tournament for some online gamblers.

Interested players can go to Online Vegas’ website and find out exactly when the tournaments are held for each type of game.

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