Online Players Speak Out About Online Gambling Regulations in Bahamas

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The ranging debate around the world and in different countries continues as governments are struggle with the legalization and regulation of online casinos.

Several countries are currently debating the issue like the U.S., Australia, Switzerland and even the Bahamas to name a few. And recently, a poll was released to industry where players can vote for or against legalizing gambling in the Bahamas.

So far over 300 people have contributed their opinion to the poll that can be found on www. 78% are currently in favour for legalization while many have contributed posts to support their reasoning. The poll was initiated by an online player ‘bahamavoice’ and allows players to also log their comments and opinions.

Some players claim licensing online casinos will provide a much-needed infusion of cash that could be put to good use as oppose to sent offshore to other countries while others argue gambling is a sin.

At this point in time, Bahamian laws do not explicitly say that gambling is illegal but rather that it is illegal for Bahamians to gamble in the Bahamas. This type of wording causes some to claim discrimination against Bahamians themselves. And since many players most likely turn to sites in other countries around the world, it would benefit the Bahamas if instead, that money were to go into their treasury instead.

But whatever your opinion is, it’s always best to cast your vote than do nothing at all. Make your voice heard by visiting up until May 31st when the poll officially closes.

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