Online Jackpot Pool Tops Half Million Mark

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The popular online poker jackpot game ‘Bad Beat’ has topped $630,000 and is ready for the taking! Both and have released the news of this fantastic jackpot and are hoping it will hit very soon.

The Bad Beat Jackpot has become pretty popular with lots of winners being paid out in 2009. But it’s not popular just because it pays winners, it’s popular because it pays losers too! The Bad Beat Jackpot can be thought of as a progressive jackpot but it’s a little different. Player’s playing at any Texas Hold’em poker Bad Beat jackpot table contributes 50 cents from their qualifying hands into the jackpot. This is where it gets interesting. While you can still win the jackpot the standard way you can also win it with a losing hand of four eights or higher. If this is the case, 65% of the jackpot gets divided among players sitting at any Bad Beat table featuring the same limit and game type!

So if you feel like getting in on the next Bad Beat jackpot here are a few numbers to consider: if you’re the winner of the qualifying hand you’d take home $97,500. If you’re sitting at the same table where the hand occurred you’d walk away with an easy $1,000. Finally another $97,500 would be awarded to any player sitting at any Bad Beat table with the same stakes and game type!

To date AbsolutePoker and UltimateBet have awarded more than 23,000 players over $39 million in Bad Beat jackpot winnings. And for 2009 they’ve already over $8 million – maybe it’s time to try for your share!

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