Online Internet Marshall Safeguards the Internet

Written By Janice Doughtrey

An American company based out of Oregon spends the bulk of their time searching for and stopping any fraudulent activity occurring on the internet.  The company is called Iovation and many companies who have online websites will hire Iovation to protect themselves and their customers from becoming victims of online fraud.

Last week they were able to produce a report revealing that they stop 30,000 attempts at fraud per day for their clients.  The idea is that Iovation does thorough reputation checks for their customers before the customer does business with them.  To showcase the importance that people place on internet safety, Iovation has performed almost three billion checks for their clients since they opened.  In 2009 they almost tripled the number of clients they had by the end of 2008. Those who invested in Iovation during its early years should be quite comfortable with their decision to invest as the company’s stocks are on the rise.

What does this mean for the online gambling world?  Many players who enjoy gambling are afraid to do so online because they are worried about fraud.  And rightfully so.  All online casino players must choose a method of payment to transfer funds from their bank accounts to their preferred casino.  While most of these payment options are highly secured, there is still the danger of involving a third party and therefore exposing any of the necessary personal information.

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