Online Gaming Could Hurt Marriage

Written By Janice Doughtrey

It’s an age-old story of a man neglecting his wife for playing sports with the boys. Now, the marriage woe has been brought into the 21st century, with online gaming threatening to break up relationships, a recent study shows.

A recent report in the Times shows that the vast amounts of time that gamers dedicate to their online communities have negative effects on the happiness of their marriages. One of the main reasons cited for this is that online games can often cause offline arguments. Spouses are also not impressed when games interfere with their nightly routine.

“It’s really what it does to the relationship — whether or not it creates conflict and quarreling over the game,” says Neil Lundberg, a research who worked on the study.

According to his research, in 84% of couples only the male partner played games online. In these cases, the female counterpart wished that their husbands would dedicate more time to their personal relationship.

On the other hand, couples who participate in gaming experienced more successful relationship. The mutual participation in a project is helpful to the development of a healthy relationship, allowing couples to bond over an unlikely activity.

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