Online Gambling Unlikely in Connecticut

Written By Janice Doughtrey

While many states across America are working hard to draw up plans for legislation and regulating online gambling, Connecticut has taken the opposite approach. Rather than getting closer and closer to online gambling legislation, it is looking less and less likely that Connecticut will jump on the online gambling bandwagon.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy has stated that no legislations legalizing online poker or any other forms of online gambling will be introduced this year. Attorney General Bob Clark states that a bill must be introduced in order for online gambling to be allowed; however, the local governor’s office will not be the entity to do so.

Although the American Department of Justice issued a statement last year concerning the legalization of online gambling, Clark does not believe that this has officially opened the doors for legalized and regulated online gambling within the United States. The federal government would still have to create a law or repeal the UIGEA; otherwise, the state itself would have to introduce an intrastate gambling legislation, which the local governor has already confirm he would not do.

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