Online Gambling Sites See Increase in Traffic

Written By Janice Doughtrey

We all know that the popularity of online gambling and online casinos has increased exponentially over the years. However, we have yet to know by exactly how much the industry grown. Today, a study reveals these statistics to give industry professionals a better look at how the online gambling market has grown over the past few years.

According to the study, online casinos and other online gambling websites saw 13.5 million visitors during the months of June and July. A great deal of this activity was attributed to the World Cup tournament, which attracted more players than any other single sporting event ever. The World Series of Poker also had something to do with this increase, as many online poker fans were inspired to try their own hand at the game.

The most popular online gambling website for the period of time was Poker Stars with 2.4 million visitors. Full Tilt Poker and the King Lotto Network had 2.3 million each. These websites outshine those from other industries, including travel, insurance and even social networking.

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