Online Gambling Site UltimateBet Adds Mercedes-Benz ML 350 To Its Ultimate Auctions Website

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Ever dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of a brand new Mercedes-Benz? Well now it may be closer than you know if you are any good at playing poker. is giving their players the opportunity to drive away in this fabulous vehicle just by collecting a certain amount of points. Points are awarded to players for playing in tournaments and cash games that take a certain percentage for the rake of any given hand.

The car is anyone’s dream come true! The auction site has many items to be bid on with the Mercedes raising the most eyes- for obvious reasons. This all comes from the RAI$E program that the online casino has labelled as their very own loyalty program and aims to increase player membership and yield returning customers more and more. The auction section of the site works on the standard auction platform but instead of bidding with dollars players are permitted to use the points that they have earned during play.

One can only imagine that in order to place a bid on the fabulous Mercedes Benz ML 350 you must have either won, lost of just plain gambled quite a bit since it is a very large number of points in value. is a very popular online poker site and has representation from some of the largest names in poker, one of its main reps being Annie Dukes. Another big name is Phil Hellmuth how is a big tournament player and is often seen on TV sporting UltimateBet attire.

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