Online Gambling Marketing Gets OK in Nevada

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Despite the Republic Party’s announcement that it aims to ban all forms of online gambling, the state of Nevada is still moving forward with its plans for legislation. After granting preliminary approval to a number of online casino operators, the Nevada Gambling Control Board is setting its sights on other facets of the market.

This week, the board granted approval to its first Marketing Affiliate, PokerTrip Enterprises. This company refers local players to online poker rooms, operating on a revenue share model. It represents the most popular form of marketing in the online gambling world. According to the company’s CEO Jon Friedberg, PokerTrip is the “TripAdvisor of the poker industry”.

This is a new perspective for the online gambling market. Normally, marketers and affiliates are not regulated by the jurisdictions in which they operate. However, this ensures that all facets of the online gambling market in Nevada must meet high standards of service for their customers. If it proves successful, we could see this type of regulation adopted by other states and even other countries in which online gambling is regulated by the government.