Online Gambling Lawsuit Against Google and Yahoo Dismissed

Written By Janice Doughtrey

It was a lucky day for online search engine giants Google and Yahoo as well as for the online gaming world who has been persecuted in one form or another in the U.S. by several governing bodies.

The lawsuit was filed against Google and Yahoo in the state of California by gamblers whose online casino losses were greater than $100,000. They alleged that the companies were responsible and liable for the damages caused when the two companies ran ads for online casinos.

Google and Yahoo did in fact run ads for online casinos however the California Superior Court Judge ruled that the Communications Decency Act excuses Internet Service Providers from liability caused by the words and/or actions of third parties using their services – in lamens terms, they cannot be held responsible for the actions of other online gaming sites.

The second part of the suite called for a stoppage from both companies of accepting gambling ads. This point was considered invalid as both companies have already ceased accepting ads in the U.S.

In more Google and Yahoo news, both companies along with Microsoft had recently negotiated a $3.5 million fine from earlier this year in order to settle charges by the US Department of Justice that the companies had promoted illegal online gambling sites.

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