Online Gambling Group PokerTime Adds New Game

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The online poker site, PokerTime, has announced the launch of a new game to its selection of online poker entertainment, Razz. This has been done with an eye on broadening poker enthusiasts’ horizons. Razz is very similar in play to 7-card Stud, with a few exceptions. One of these is that Stud plays, as usual for Poker, for the highest hand being the winner, whereas Razz does just the opposite; lowest hand wins.

Razz is a strange variation, to say the least, but it is a definite feast of intrigue and contradiction for those who are fed up with always losing out with lesser hands. Each player gets dealt three ‘upcards’, and the following rounds reveal four more upcards, open to anyone, from which a five-card hand is made to achieve a win.

This game is a must-play for those who want something new and exciting in Poker standards. Even for those who just love Poker, plain and simple, and swear by Hold ‘Em and Omaha, it doesn’t hurts to try out new things, and it’s as easy as going to the PokerTime lobby and selecting a Razz table to play at. PokerTime is a well-respected and trusted online poker member of the highly reputable Carmen Media Group. They are bound to high standards and principles, assuring you of all the support, security, integrity and outstanding customer service that make for this superior gambling environment.

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