Online Gambling Firm Launches Casino Zero Lounge

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online gambling group,, has announced the launch of Casino Zero Lounge.

This new concept offers “no house edge” gambling for small stake players on four popular games in its casino section.

The minimum stake in Betfair’s Casino Zero Lounge has been decreased from ten to two dollars in order to appeal with a wider audience.

Zero Roulette is offered in the new lounge, with the zero on the wheel removed to create no house advantage. The rules are also changed for baccarat, blackjack and jacks or better in order to maintain “zero house edge” gaming.

Head of Casino for, Sam Hobcraft, said, “While most casino operators are looking for clever ways to increase the edge they have over their customers, we aim to offer our customers more value.”

“The results prove that Zero Roulette pays more back to customers per stake made than any other casino product on the market and we have taken a loss in some countries,” Hobcraft added.

A statement read that Betfair’s customers in Greece beat its Zero Roulette by over $59,000, which is a payback of 100.02 percent. The company said that many of its winning customers came from Spain, Czech Republic and Germany, all winning over $5,000.

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