Online Gambling Company Caught In Second Trademark Infringement Case In Two Years

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Get caught once shame on you but get caught twice, now you’re really asking for it! Smart Answer, an Internet gambling operator has been charged with illegally using domain names from a Las Vegas casino company who claim the use of particular names as domains constitutes copyright infringement while intentionally deceiving players.

The Panama-based Internet gambling company, Smart Answer are facing charges from the Stations Casinos brand who are claiming that Smart Answers’ use of several website domain names like Palace Station, Boulder Station and Sunset Station are disrupting business intentionally by diverting traffic to their sites and essentially away from the Stations Casino sites.

Unfortunately and surprisingly this is not the first infringement lawsuit for Smart Answer who were ordered to pay $2.2 million in damages last year when they lost a case against MGM Mirage. Smart Answer was found guilty of using trademarked names like Bellagio, Circus Circus and Mandalay Bay. MGM Mirage eventually took over the disputed domain names, but never collected the money.

Stations Casinos are now looking to bar Smart Answer from using their branded names and are also seeking damages. The case is likely to be successful however it is highly unlikely as evidenced by the outcome of the MGM case that any monetary award will probably never be paid.

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