Online Casinos Using Data & AI to Improve Your Experience

Written By Ivan P

Today’s online gambling world is much different from what it used to be back when it all started. Old online casinos lacked the technology and the know-how to provide players with what they really wanted but even their modest offering was great given the time and circumstances.

Since then, however, things have changed quite a bit.

Modern gambling operators of today use all tools available to them to offer a unique and rewarding experience tailored to a particular player’s taste as possible. To do this, they rely on the information gathered about your gaming habits and the power of Artificial Intelligence. These two factors combined can tell them what slots and casino games you’re likely to love even if you’d never played them before.

Powerful Algorithms Working Behind Scenes

When people think of Artificial Intelligence, they usually think about it in terms of humanoid robots or powerful computers that have a mind of their own and are kept locked away somewhere in a secret military base. But AI technology has found its application in many walks of life and online gambling is just one of countless industries that rely on it.

Every single one of us has certain habits when it comes to gambling. Personally, I love megaways slots that can be quite volatile but are also capable of producing big hits, or games that look outside of the box and create something completely different and unique like Reactoonz.

Some other players may not care about slots at all, though, or they prefer classic games with fewer paylines and straightforward bonuses.

The thing is, it would be impossible for human employees to keep track of all of this. Going through a huge database of players and trying to figure out their habits and their likely preferences would be a mammoth task and the one that would require a huge team of people that just wouldn’t be feasible.

But an AI algorithm working behind scenes can do all of this for thousands of players at the same time without ever getting confused or tired. It keeps track of players’ habits, looks at the relevant data, and then comes up with suggestions for new games that you might like.

When you think about it, it’s pretty cool. Some people may not like it because they might feel like the casino is keeping too close of an eye on them but this is actually an automated process and it doesn’t gather any of your personal information. It’s just about making sure you are served with the games you’re likely to enjoy, which is something I can definitely appreciate.

Custom Made Rewards

In a similar fashion, AI can be used to determine the kind of promotions and bonuses that you’re likely to be intrigued by. Back in the day, all of this was done manually by casino employees. This may have been advantageous for high rollers who got a lot of attention from support teams but those in “lower” tier were often forgotten.

An AI doesn’t discriminate. It looks at the relevant data and then comes up with promotions that are suitable to your level of play and general preferences.

Of course, this process is still far from perfect but it’s definitely come a long way. That’s why better casinos out there will often surprise you with special free spins’ bundles or small no deposit bonuses to get you back on board. Casinos with thousands of players could hardly do this manually but with the help of AI, they can finally do it.

Future Looking Bright

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. Like it or not, computers are becoming more and more powerful and they’re simply so much better at performing certain tasks than humans could ever dream to be. Crunching numbers and turning them into relevant and useful information is definitely one of these areas.

For everyone who enjoys gambling online, this is great news. With AI becoming more involved with the whole process, you can expect a much more enjoyable gaming experience in the future across the spectrum. Of course, if you don’t like any of this, there is nothing stopping you from just sticking to your favorite games and casinos that still prefer a traditional way of doing things.

But for those who are ready for the gaming experience of the future – things are only going to get better and better as we move on!

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