Online Casinos Feeling Threatened To Add Bingo Option

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Perhaps the title is a little harsh but all those online casinos that do not currently house a online bingo room are starting to feel a bit of neglect from their regular players and those players that visit the online casino looking to play a little bingo!

The online casinos weren’t at all expecting the reaction that Online bingo received from the general public. Some online casinos were thinking to add bingo as an option while others were considering to keep business as is without changing their game line up at all.

It seems as that will all be changing as players are now looking for online bingo as an option at all online casinos and look down on the ones that don’t offer this as a choice.

“In order to stay competitive in the industry, you must, as a company answer to what the clientele demands.” Said one CEO of a very large online casino company. He followed up by saying that his online casino is already launching a bingo arm as we speak. Its odd that there is such a great reaction to it but at the same time this makes a lot of sense since it is such an easy game to play and so many people remember it from playing it in their childhood days.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and check out some online bingo rooms on the net, and if your online casino of choice has yet to offer it, rest assured that chances are you will have the option to play this game at your online casino very soon!

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