Online Casinos Bonus Overhaul

Written By Janice Doughtrey

It seems as though online casinos cannot keep up with their own bonuses anymore, some online casinos are offering anything upwards 500% of a reload bonus with so many restrictions that the confusion is allowing for players to withdraw the money prior to even meeting the proper restrictions.

Online casino which is currently offering a 200% reload bonus. Before people think that the casino is giving away free money to take no matter what, that is not the case. However this online casino allows players to withdraw at anytime. So if a player deposits 100 dollars and then receives 300 to play with in their account they are free to with draw the original 100 dollars that they deposited at any time as long as they are not below the 300 dollar mark.

If a player makes a deposit of 50 dollars they will have 150 dollars in their account and if they play and win and get to any amount such as 300 dollars for example then they are permitted to take out 150 dollars, 50 being their original amount and 100 being the amount that they have one on top of the bonus that they earned with the original deposit amount.

The online casino is also currently offering many other bonuses and promotions but it seems that with this particular promotion bonus it is hard to go wrong. You are basically winning money with someone else’s bankroll.

Obviously if this did not work in favour of the online casino as well as the player it would not happen. However it is one of the better promotions that is currently available online at this time.

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