Online Casino VirginGames Money Giveaway

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online casino,, is paying out over $108,000 to players in bulk funds from discontinued progressive jackpots.

All players who were registered at VirginGames before November 6, 2007 will have a chance to receive $22,000.This special promotion will see VirginGames give away $22,000 everyday for a total of 173 winners and 865 cash prizes.

A statement on the site read, “Why is the 6th of November so important?”

A spokesperson for VirginGames answers, “That was the date we took down our progressive games Bananarama and Winner Takes All and as there was money that hadn’t been won in the jackpot pool, we figured we should dish it out to all out players who had played before the 6th.Its your money after all.”

Players who want to be eligible for the prizes must have been registered at VirginGames before November 6, 2007, and have played at least one cash hand in any game between last Sunday and tomorrow.Qualified players will be chosen at random in a daily draw until January 11, 2008.

VirginGames offers three different gaming areas, Virgin Casino, Virgin Bingo and Virgin Poker.Each section offers a different selection of games including a variety of promotions and tournaments.

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