Online Casino Starts Operations

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There’s a new location to visit online if you are looking for another online casino to check out. has recently launched and will be offered in several languages and accepts currencies other than the traditional US dollar and Euro. The new online casino is hosting games by Rival Software and will start the days by offering over 75 online games. This online casino has a new concept to keep players coming back month after month as they are making a commitment to launch a new game at a minimum of every month.

CEO of the company says that if they aim to add at least one game per month than they are always going to stay current and have players checking in on a regular basis.

The online casino is starting their launch by handing a monetary bonus at all players that join within the first month as well as promising reload bonus in at least the amount of 10% every time that a member reloads.

This site is starting something new by encouraging players to continuously reload into their accounts. They are saying that the bonus will increase time after time in percentage for at least the first 4 reloads, allowing the forth reload to yield a 100% bonus in any sum up to $200.

So come check this new online casino out and be sure to refill that account frequently as they are making it well worth your while to join and enjoy the new games and bonus that they currently have to offer with many more to follow.

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