Online Casino Unibet CEO Released

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Unibet CEO, Petter Nylander has been released, and agreed to remain in the Netherlands, after a brief appearance in the Amsterdam District Court regarding a warrant of arrest, directed by French gambling monopolies.

The Dutch police delivered Nylander a European warrant issued by the French judge based on proceedings against Unibet by Francaise Des Jeux, the French lottery monopoly, and PMU, the monopoly that governs betting on horses.

The Budget Ministry stated that it regretted the timing of Nylander’s arrest and hoped Francaise Des Jeux and PMU would drop their original complaints that had started the case against Unibet.

Nylander’s Belgian Lawyer, Ewout Keuleers, said, “We just want this circus to end as soon as possible.”

“It is disproportionate to try to enforce a criminal case against Mr. Nylander,” he added.

“We are doing nothing illegal because we have a license for Britain,” Nylander said.

“According to the European rules, if you have a license for one member state you are authorized to use it in the others,” he concluded.

Petter Nylander has agreed to stay in the Netherlands in the comfortable surroundings of a local hotel until his hearing.

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