Online Casino Launches Site to Raise Funds for Malawi Kids

Written By Janice Doughtrey

An online gambling site, has now launched a website that will help raise funds for the children of Malawi a nation in Africa, to build a school and a community center.


The school will help end poverty and ignorance in a country like Malawi that is considered to be one of the poorest in the world and is badly affected by AIDS. The opening of one village school in Malawi in October 2007, started to bring some hope for the people of that country.

This all began, over two years ago, when aid workers approached for help to raise money. The company known for its charity, accepted the idea and went a step forward. They agreed to fund the building of the center till it could pay for itself. The story of how the team was able to raise the money and build the school located at the Umodzi-Mbame School has been revealed at the website that plans to raise money for building other schools in the country. will also help to raise awareness that the fund being raised will help build schools in other villages in Malawi. People interested in donating money, can visit and make a donation through Pay pal.


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