Online Casino Players Getting Younger and Younger

Written By Janice Doughtrey

No, online casinos do not prolong the youth process but players that are playing at online casinos these days are much younger than those that were playing when some of the online casinos first opened their doors. In fact some of the players that opt to play at online casinos are barely legal and certainly just barely make the gambling legal age (if even).

So why the turn in age? Well the answer isn’t exactly all that clear. Many are saying that perhaps the age of the players is so low because youngsters are just so computer savvy these days that playing at an online casino on your personal laptop or computer is only the natural thing to do. Another reason that many are pointing to is all the hype that is built up surrounding online casinos throughout the web as well as other methods of social media also.

The youth can’t help themselves – they are drawn to all the information that they read on the internet and all the hype that surrounds online poker and thus online casinos that they see on TV as poker is such a big deal these days!

This is true for youth throughout the world including those in Europe and the UK as well as younger players in the US and Canada within North America. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues as the years go on and online casinos and online poker rooms become even more and more popular and completely mainstream within the near future.

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