Online Casino Player Wins Bad Beat Jackpot

Written By Janice Doughtrey

The Isle of Man-based online casino software provider Microgaming has announced that a player at has won the Bad Beat jackpot for over $54,000. The winner started the game with only $19 but lost out on a four-of-a-kind hand containing four kings to a player with a Royal Flush. However, the Bad Beat jackpot soon hit at $155,462 to see the lucky player receive $54,411.87 while ten other players across four poker rooms shared the remaining amount.

The software provider, Poker Network powers over 40 global poker rooms and its Bad Beat jackpot means that everyone can be a winner. It kicks in when beaten hands of four-of-a-kind or eights or better are beaten, offering a player the chance of a Bad Beat payout. To qualify, four or more players must be dealt into a raked hand where the jackpot contribution is collected from that hand. In addition, the best hand of the winner and the loser must include the hole cards and the contest must go to a showdown. is the Internet’s first and largest sports betting, casino, poker and games website, offering more than 1000 betting options daily, a full range of Vegas-style casino games, live multi-player poker and low stake games including virtual horse racing. Whether a customer is playing in the casinos sports book, casino, poker or games its fully automated technology allows for near real-time playing opportunities. Moreover, every action – from opening a new betting account, crediting funds, placing bets and withdrawing winnings – can be done online in a matter of seconds.

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