Online Casino Player Takes a Break and Then Wins a Big Jackpot!

Written By Janice Doughtrey

There is something to be said for some lucky players! One lucky player that is a member of the 888 online casino group said that sometimes it pays off to take a little break and then come back to your favourite online casino! The player decided that he was a little played out in December of 2009 and then decided to come back to the online casino earlier this month!

The player was a big slot player and had a love for playing the slot machines of the higher limits. In December he felt that his luck wasn’t all there so he decided to take a break and then felt like he was ready to take another stab at having some fun and playing some more! The player returned to the online casino last week and since has been playing for a few days. Yesterday was his lucky day as he hit a jackpot of 46,000 dollars which is sure to make him very happy and keep him playing for the rest of the year and hopefully win some more big ones!

The online casino said that they are very happy to know that they have loyal players. There are many players that sometimes take a little break and then return to the online casino and sometimes taking a break was just what was needed to bring the players back and land that great big win! The online casino welcome new and old players from all over the world. There are plenty of great promotions and bonuses for the players to take advantage of so make sure to check what is available at your online casino the next time that you visit and also scan your email because you may have received a note about a new and cool promotion in your inbox!

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