Online Casino May Be Coming to the Province of Ontario?

Written By Janice Doughtrey

Online gambling is a grey area throughout most of Canada. Many would say that it is in fact quite legal and most know that nothing will happen to them as there aren’t any direct rules against online gambling currently in place in the province of Ontario. But the new head of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming commission may see things slightly differently and is actually rather upset that the money in Ontario is leaving the province via online gambling and travelling to places such as other provinces and even further places off shore.

The Lottery Official is proposing some changes. He is saying that adding online gambling to the landscape of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming is quite possible and in fact a good idea for the future. The province could really benefit from the funds that are spent on online gambling in Ontario to actually stay within the province.

There are many factors that would play into this change if it were to happen. Ontario would have to consider privatizing the whole lottery system. There are many other points as well. Either way online gambling seems to be something that will remain and will not be out ruled as an entertainment option for Ontario residents altogether.

It will be interesting to see what changes take place in the near and far future. But in the meantime those in Ontario are welcome to enjoy almost all the online casinos and other online gambling establishments that are currently available on the web (assuming that the site welcomes Canadian players).

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