Online Casino Man Of The Match Launches Self Titled Game

Written By Janice Doughtrey

To mark the start of another English Premier League season British firm Man Of The Match Limited has launched a new self-titled game offering players a chance at almost $2 million if they can correctly pick the most valuable player in ten weekly games. Football fans from all over the world have been invited to use their experience and skill to predict the man of the match for a series of ten select soccer games each week. If all ten predictions are correct, the fan will walk away with a guaranteed jackpot of $1.86 million.

The newly launched game includes a special automatic random entry should the fans forget to play or enter a prediction. The company also revealed plans to introduce other sports along with more features.

The game is being launched with PlasmaNet Incorporated, the American firm responsible for FreeLotto that has 43 million members in 161 countries and has awarded over $82 million in prizes and it is expected that the massive interest in global soccer will lead to players from all over the world entering the weekly competition.

A company spokesperson said “English Premier League has a massive fan following in the Far East and Man of the Match will now be in a position to positively enter that market.”

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