Online Casino Launches New Slot Machine

Written By Janice Doughtrey is relatively new to the online gaming world having only recently launched their site in January of 2008. Over this past year they’ve also released several new slot games including Wheeler Dealer, Jack’s Show and Lucky-Go-Round in July and Heavenly Reels in October.

Now has launched a new game this week in Gold Boom. An exciting, animated, 6 pay line slot with 9 wheels, a ‘gold digger’ theme, offering free spins in the bonus round and a progressive jackpot. With a great look including a mallet as a spinner arm, jewels attached to red wires and fun-looking dynamite themed symbols this game is sure to blow you away!

Try and win Gold Boom’s Bonus Spins by hitting three diamond symbols on any pay line. Each time this occurs, one diamond is given to the player to use on the Bonus Spin counter. When you’ve collected three you win three bonus spins! Keep an eye on what you’re wagering because the amount you wagered when you landed that last diamond is the amount you will wager on the bonus spins!

And of course there’s the progressive jackpot which can be won by hitting 3 gold symbols on a wagered play line – but you have to bet the maximum amount! The current jackpot stands at $130,000! is also offering a Gold Boom Top Spinner bonus and Gold Boom Triple Luck bonus!

Ondrej Tuma of said Gold Boom relives the days of the gold miners of the Wild West who never quit because they believed they would strike it rich at any minute – a parallel he makes to online slot machines and its players. is a fantastic 3-D online casino environment that allows players the ability to wander around the online casino, into different rooms and interact with other 3-D players! All of’s games are based on the latest instant-play, no-download Flash technology. Keep an eye out in the New Year for Puzzle World, a new game currently being developed by developers.

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